Western Medicine Rant

Updated 1/1/2019

Glance around social media. You’ll see people comparing “western” and “eastern” medicine constantly. “Well, western medicine has only existed for a few hundred years. Eastern medicine has existed for thousands of years! It must be doing something right!”

Let’s get one thing straight:

“Western medicine” is a term almost exclusively used by purveyors of snake oil and those they have duped.

If it works, it’s called “medicine.” Only when it doesn’t work does it get relegated to the people that would make a buck off of selling you a back cracking or sliding needles in your skin to cure your Morgellon’s “disease.” Sorry, I meant to realign your Chi.

Medicine is based on the scientific method and using empirical data to prove efficacy. Trials are iterated hundreds of times to ensure accuracy. Everything is repeatable and independently verifiable. It is fallacious to assume that mysticism, regardless of the source, has any place in the treatment of disease.

If I come off as harsh, it is because I have no patience for those that would mislead others for profit.

Hundreds of years ago, “western” medicine encompassed bloodletting and balancing of humors. As technology advanced, so did medical knowledge. Just as those ideas have been abandoned, so should “eastern medicine” concepts of acupuncture and meridian balancing.

Just because it has been practiced for thousands of years doesn’t make it right.