About the Website

At the end of 2013, I decided that I wanted to get into blogging. Everyone need a hobby, right? I made it my goal to make a blog that gets at least 1000 hits in a month before the end of the year. I settled on the name “wirebiters” because that was a nickname given to electrical technicians while I was in the US Navy.

I started Wirebiters.com originally as a place to share electronics projects that I was working on. I quickly discovered that I enjoyed posting about how certain topics in engineering worked. After 8 months, I was seeing a decent amount of traffic until it happened: I posted something about vaccines on a whim. This quickly became my most popular post and resulted in anti-vaxxers getting spun up into a frothing rage.

This brought some interesting individuals to my website to yell at me about how science was wrong and celebrities like Jenny McCarthy were not only right, but actually courageous for standing up against Big Pharma. That is probably the opposite of what someone would need to do to get me to stop writing about a topic.

I started writing and reposting articles on pseudoscience and scams regularly.

By the time the calendar was turning over to 2015, I noticed that the last half-dozen articles I’d written were debunking articles rather than engineering articles.

I decided to start a second blog devoting to debunking conspiracy theories, health scams, and pseudoscience. Picking a name turned out to be particularly difficult. I wanted “science” in the name but everything I came up with was taken (or for sale for $3000+!).  One of my long-time friends suggested that I just add my nickname to the end.

Thus, ScienceBadger.com was born.

Hopefully I can keep a few people from trying to cure cancer with lemonjuice or spending their savings on magic crystals. If you’d like to get involved, check out our Facebook Group where a few like-minded individuals work on social media to debunk the woo.