If Anti-Vaccine Parents Rode the Magic Schoolbus

Updated 1/1/2019

I subscribe to a ton of anti-woo/anti-conspiracy feeds. One video I saw today was good enough that I wanted to reblog it.

(Originally posted by CollegeHumor on Youtube )

Generally, I agree with the message behind this video.

Every anti-vaxxer argument has been so thoroughly debunked as to be almost comical at this point. The same debunked studies keep getting trotted out. Time after time I’ve been faced with the same bad science and time after time I’ve refuted it. Getting banned from Facebook groups and forums never gets old when you’re the calm voice of reason in a sea of BIG PHARMA SHILL namecalling.  At this point, I tend to think that some people believe in anti-vax nonsense just to be different. After all, that sets them apart as both enlightened -and- edgy at the same time. They’re fighting ~the man~ while getting to be crunchy.

Assuming they were right.

Which they’re not.

At all.

Want to post your favorite anti-vax argument to debunk? Comment below.

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